#IOSONOGIORGIA: Genealogia di un meme tra framing e (re)framing

Author: Junio Aglioti Colombini


This study delves into the memeification of political discourse, focusing on the “Io Sono Giorgia” meme linked to Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. Analyzing Meloni’s transformation from a political figure to a meme icon, this research investigates the dynamics of framing and reframing in the digital space, particularly on Instagram. By analyzing empirical data gathered from the hashtags #iosonogiorgia and #iosonogiorgiachallenge, this study employs semantic network analysis to clarify how memes blend humor and pop culture to influence political narratives. The research reveals how strategic interaction with memes can amplify a political figure’s public image and outreach. Meloni’s case demonstrates the profound impact of memes in shaping political communication in the digital era, offering new insights into the role of memes in the hybrid media system. This investigation underscores the power of memes as tools for political engagement and narrative construction in contemporary politics.

Keywords: Internet Meme; Giorgia Meloni; Memeification of Politics; Instagram

DOI: https://doi.org/10.13131/unipi/3mr5-d837

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Notes on contributors

JUNIO AGLIOTI COLOMBINI è dottorandə in Scienze Politiche all’Università di Pisa con un progetto di ricerca sui processi di memizzazione della comunicazione politica. Email: junio.aglioticolombini@sp.unipi.it

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