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Journal Description

The subjects covered by The Lab’s Quarterly include epistemological reflections on the theoretical foundations of the social sciences, the processes behind any kind of human knowledge and the specific logic of scientific knowledge, data collection and data analysis techniques, the inquiry on the genesis and the use of knowledge, and sociological theories on contemporary social formations.

2022, XXIV, 2 (Aprile-Giugno)

This paper aims to show how Bourdieu’s concept of habitus is not only particularly useful for understanding the mechanisms of social reproduction that act within the field of education, but ...
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In his works, Pitirim A. Sorokin paid particular attention on the fluctuations of sociocultural systems. Fluctuations can be either long lasting and gradual or sudden and unexpected. Calamities are crucial ...
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Voluntary work, a fundamental and essential component for the correct reintegration of detainees into society, has a widespread presence in prisons of Italy and France, even though it has different ...
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This work contributes to animate the scientific debate on sustainability in a double sense: a) by placing the need of stripping the term of ambiguous concepts wrongly attributed by the ...
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Schütz’s attempt to combine genetic phenomenology and comprehensive soci-ology is undoubtedly one of the most stimulating proposals to deepen the fruit-ful dialogue between philosophy and social sciences. The paper aims ...
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Il dialogo tra marxismo e critica femminista, avviato intorno agli anni Sessanta e Settanta del secolo scorso, ha generato la formulazione di una nuova e sempre più complessa definizione di società capitalistica ...
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Le migrazioni costituiscono un «fatto sociale totale», secondo l’insegnamento tuttora insuperato di Sayad (1999) che, per restituirne il rilievo, impiega appunto la no- ta categoria di Mauss. Tale pervasività, che ...
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Since 1999

Founded in 1999, The Lab’s Quarterly is a peer-reviewed social science journal, officially recognized by the ANVUR (National Agency for the Evaluation of the University and Research System) as an academic journal in the Area 14 (Political and Social Sciences) of the Italian university system.

The journal aims to contribute to the national and international sociological debate, investigating changes in contemporary societies and adopting the perspective of an open, public and democratic sociology.

The journal seeks to promote dialogue among the multiple fields in the social sciences through calls for proposals and special issues, welcoming contributions from young and early-career researchers. Proposals may include epistemological reflections on the theoretical foundations of social sciences, innovative methodologies of social research, theoretical contributions on contemporary social transformations.


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Members of the Scientific Board are permanent reviewers. To contact the Editorial Board or submit a paper please write to: or follow the guidelines in the SUBMIT page. All submitted articles will be subjected to double-blind peer review process.

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